The 80/20 Rule is the key to being healthy and enjoying yourself!

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With the 80/20 rule in mind, you can stay realistic, motivated and happy!



By having positive mind 80% of the time may sound a little unattainable with everyday life stresses such as low self esteem, body image issues, work stresses, financial issues, grief and conflict –  The negative thoughts and negative energy can take over, vibrate to others and just attract more negativity. By trying to channel the positive in every situation you can begin to change your perspective and your attitude towards any problems or obstacles you may face. This will help manifest a positive and healthy mindset.



Ideally you should be eating healthy foods 80% of the time, or at least majority of the time, and only indulge in your sweet 20% of the time or less. You’re sweet enough already!

Healthy foods that contribute to the 80% is mainly wholefoods. This consists of organic fresh fruits and vegetables, wholesome smoothies, juices, nuts & seeds. Along with fresh wild caught fish, and lean protein such as chicken and turkey.

That 20 of your 80/20 rule may consist of your favorite chocolate, ice cream, popcorn or that piece of pizza.. Having these sparingly may make it more enjoyable and not have a negative impact on the state of your health. This often occurs while you are out for dinner with friend or are at a social occasion where the temptations are there to indulge.. Remember you need to enjoy yourself! 

When you make the majority of your food choices healthy ones, your body should start to crave healthier choices. By keeping in mind the 80/20 rule, you can be healthy and happy as you can give yourself some freedom and flexibility to be human.


Making time for exercise can be tedious. We know what’s it’s like to have it on your mind one minute, and then get distracted by that show on tv you wanted to catch up on, or time getting away while surfing the internet. Always telling yourself you’ll get around to it but always making it the last priority.

With the 80/20 rule- Ideally you should only be skipping on exercise 20% of the time. Try and commit to excising most days of the week whether it’s yoga, pilates, gymnastics, or even boxing will get your heart pumping and oxygen rich blood circulating your beautiful body making you feel great! This will keep you fit and in great shape. Even going for a nice walk counts too! 



With these tips you can make tremendous changes to your health and your life one positive thought at a time. The 80/20 rule with your diet and exercise routine you may be surprised with what you achieve and discover the power of your mind.


Love & Light,


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