A day in the life of The Farm Team. How wholefoods keep our stamina up and focus on point!

The Farm Wholefood’s dynamic team share their health tips and tricks to stay healthy, nourished and Energised!



Diet Diary – Mikaela 

“The Farm Wholefoods is where I spend a lot of my time, I believe that I need a big wholesome breakfast to fuel me for a typical busy morning at our Potts Point store and while I’m there I always need to keep my hydration up, my energy peeking and mind clear and focused. I am obsessed with our raw mixed nuts from our bulk pantry that really do sustain me between meals. They provide me with satiety and lasting energy I require while serving our amazing customers preparing meals and restocking our shelves. Sipping on our organic coconut water is such a great hydration hit, and its so delicous! Lunch usually consists of getting a little creative each day with wholefoods. Lately I have been making filling smoothies with super-foods from our bulk pantry; I like to use cacao for its mood boosting properties, acai for antioxidants and maca for an energy boost. I also chuck in a banana and some almond milk to make it dairy free , filling and creamy.” – 

Well-Being Dairy –  Mikaela

” Count me out of cardio, and put me down for Yoga! ‘Restorative Yin’ yoga is what I’m crazy about at the moment. I think the combination of movements, stretching, toning and balancing while being mindful is one of the most wonderful forms of exercise. I also like to do Pilates, having the control and using my core strength feels awesome. When my brain just won’t shut off, I try and find the time to mediate and practice some deep breathing. This really helps tune in to my body. There is also this wonderful saltwater pool in Nth Sydney that is just the perfect get away from the city life. There is just something about floating in salt water and swimming my stress away. It reminds me of home and keeps me grounded.” Mikaela – Assistant Store manager.


Diet Dairy – Harry

 “On a typical day the The Farm, I’m standing on my feet most of the day. As head barista I do have the pleasure of creating my own custom caffeine hit from our Single Origin Coffee Blend to give me that boost I’m after in the early hours of the morning. During the day, I like to keep sustained with healthy fats and lean proteins. Luckily we have a great options like that here. I tend to snack on some free range boiled eggs with our smoked atlantic salmon on our famous gluten free bread. If I am after something a little lighter, I tend to skip the bread and enjoy some fresh spinach with poached chicken breast and a few nuts and seeds for my omega 3’s. Also our protein power smoothie is great to keep me going. Very tasty” .

Well-Being  Diary -Harry

“Exercise is big part of my life. It makes me feel alive and healthy. Those endorphins really do make your mind go into a positive state and i am proud of myself after each session. I tend to hit the gym in the afternoon as I work from 6 am. I like exercising alone as it gives me some ‘me time’ to reflect on myself and also to focus. I like to stick to both cardio and strength training. This keeps me fit and helps build muscle mass. In combination with high protein and healthy energy dense foods, it gives me the energy to train for longer”. Harry – Barista


Diet Dairy –  Ida

” 6 am starts don’t leave much time for a big breakfast, When I arrive to The Farm, I make an alkalising green smoothie. If I’m craving something sweet, I add some mango. This smoothie completely wakes me up, keeps me alert, focused and ready for the morning. Nibbling on almonds is my ultimate habit here, the organic ones just taste so good! I also make my own almond milk with them as a dairy free option. I combine organic almonds with our alkaline water, medjool dates and cinnamon. so creamy! Being vegan, I also like to get a lot of my protein from plant sources such as seeds, nuts and avocados. Nothing beats smashed avocado on toast! I also like to snack on chia pudding. Chia combined it with our housemade cashew cream provides me with more protein, fiber and healthy fats to keep me full and vibrant for the day!”

Well-Being Diary – Ida

“Moving from Finland to Australia I am constantly attracted to the beach! I love being around the water and enjoying the sunshine, it makes me feel free and happy. I am often at Bondi and walk and run from there to Bronte or Coogee -its just so beautiful. Breathing in the fresh air is so calming and clears the mind. I also like to hit the gym –  I tend to focus on cardio to keep active and in shape”. Ida – Food Preparation Manager

Diet Dairy – Verity

“Hydration is number one for me. I always keep a bottle of filtered water on hand’. Feeling hydrated and replenished keeps my mind clear aids in detoxification. While I’m at The Farm I like to snack raw nuts, fresh fruit and vegetables . These provide the antioxidants, fiber, protein and fats which make me feel great throughout the day. Having energy dense foods like these eliminate the cravings for any sweets or sugar. When lunch time comes around I tend to experiment with different smoothies.  My favourite combination at the moment is – mango, banana, chia seeds, coconut water, coconut yoghurt, spinach and lime. It is delightful during these hot summer days. I enjoy sipping on cold pressed or freshly squeezed juices which make me feel vibrant and nourished straight away. – Verity – Farm Store Assistant 

Diet Dairy – Erin

” Breakfast calls for a warm cosy bowl of organic porridge made with vanilla bean and a splash of almond milk. Topped with some mixed berries, this is a sweet and healthy way to start the day. For those hotter mornings, I enjoy The Farm’s bircher muesli which a creamy filling combo of rolled oats, yogurt, almonds, pumpkin seeds, apple and orange. Delicious!. I tend to compliment my breakfast with a flat white to keep me alert for those early mornings. I cook at home often and use as much wholefoods as possible. Taking home-cooked meals to work is comforting and keeps me full and nourished throughout the day. I like to use lots of fresh vegetables,eggs, organic brown rice, wholewheat pasta, olive oil, grass fed meat or poultry and herbs and spices to mix the flavours up a little. Erin – Store Manager


Love & Light

The Farm Wholefoods Team 



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