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A Fast Casual dining destination, The Farm Wholefoods is based on the philosophy that healthy food should be effortless and delicious. We had a desire to create a menu that can easily be prepared for both dine in and take away to fit in with the hectic and busy lifestyles many of us lead today.
We are health conscious without being fanatical and are on a mission to make healthy a habit.

Great food should be affordable, accessible and be consumed in inspirational spaces.

We believe nutrition should be simple. You don’t need to know the difference between spelt, farro and freekeh; or what a kombucha scoby is–we’ll educate you!

We want to create an in-store and online food shopping experience that takes you out of the city, walks you onto the farm, offers you a cold pressed juice, and then opens up its pantry for you to have a forage through.

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