Good news coffee lovers! Suprising health benefits of your morning coffee.

Good news coffee lovers, your morning ritual has proven to have quiet a few of health benefits.



Coffee beans are a potent source of antioxidants which help fight free radicals in the body, they also help keep your body healthy at the micro-level by protecting our cells from damage. Coffee beans actaully a higher antioxidant activity than cacao, blueberries and green tea! So drink up! 


 when used as an exfoliator, ground coffee beans can prevent collagen damage that results in wrinkles. Coffee helps with blood circulation – helping prevent cellulite, giving you supple skin and that rosy glow.  The concentration of essential fatty acids in coffee beans may also protect against cell damage, which leads to dry thin skin and other skin conditions. Make your own coffee body scrub with ground coffee beans, coconut oil and essential oils! It’s simple and effective. 


With coffee’s secret weapon caffeine – Caffeine constricts blood vessels under the skin when applied topically, which assists in reducing redness, swelling and puffiness. Add drop or two of cold drip coffee to your moisturiser to help brighten the complexion! 


Studies have shown that moderate caffeine consumption – up to about 500 mg, coffee assist in battling fatigue and enabling you to exercise longer!

*Tip – Always keep hydrated with pure water before drinking coffee and after exercise.  


The antioxidants win again! The high level of antioxidants in Coffee beans play a role in reducing oxidative stress and helps the liver perform its important job of detoxification! 

Tip – Try your coffee with almond or coconut milk! It’s dairy free and better on your digestion, plus it tastes delicious! 

Your daily cup of coffee also delivers more than just a rich, earthy aroma and a delicious pick-me-up — it boasts some intriguing health benefits as well.